USB Music Stick


1. Autumn in Vermont

2. Bonjour Comment ça va

3. ‘Certified’ Canadian Fiddler

4. Fiddillennium Vol l

5. Fiddling, My Way

6. Jiggin’ at the OK Corral

7. Just for the Swing of It

8. Something Different, Instrumentally Yours

9. Steppin’ Out

10. Tamarack’r Down

Includes: CD covers, credits & download instructions.

You will find over 180 tracks of Calvin's music that is no longer available on a physical CD. Plug this USB stick into your computer or your car for over 9.5 hours of entertainment. Below is a list of some of the hits you will find on the stick and much, much more.

A Papa’s Love

Bonjour comment ça va

Chirps & Williams

Cool Cat Clifford


Everett Larson Waltz

Fly in the Puddin’
Hope Slide

Jerry’s Jig

John & Vick’s Two Step

Harvest Calypso

Lieutenant Governor’s Waltz

Little John McNeil
Monsieur Poisson
Mist over Cape Smokey
My Three Treasures

Nakamum Reel

Randy the Fiddlin’ Fireman

Smokin’ Bow Reel
Somewhere in Sweden

Stan Lennox’s 1st Change

Tamarack’r Down

The Duhemes

Waltz of Joyce Montgomery