I introduce to you Calvin Vollrath, who I would consider to be the finest fiddle player in Canada.

Garry L. McDonall, Pres.
Damon Productions

Astromonical Studio

At my home in St. Paul Alberta Canada, I have a home recording studio called "Astromonical Studio".
I started this studio in 1998 so I could record my own albums and perhaps save some costs. Well over the years, I've got to know my rig pretty good and folks tell me my recordings sound nice.

Other fiddlers then started to approach me and asked if I could record them. I thought, why not, let's give it a try. I've lost count how many recordings I've done for other fiddlers but it has been quite a few and I've enjoyed everyone of them. The art of sitting down in the studio and being creative is a true joy.

A partial list of fiddlers that I've recorded albums for:
Patti Lamoureux, Mark Sullivan, Daniel Gervais, Dennis Harrington, Randy Foster, Bruce Armitage, Terri-Lynn Mahusky, Carol Kennedy, Sherryl Fitzpatrick, Gene Michael, Troy Gates, Braden Gates, Billi Jo & Mickie Lee Smith, Riel Aubichon, John Arcand, Dan Mighton, Bob Montgomery, Garry Hill....

I've also recorded vocal albums as well, mostly in the "Classic Country" style of music. They get a good sounding product when I'm done with it and folks sell them off stage and make a little doe on the side, or just leave a piece of their God given talent for their family to enjoy after they're gone.

When it comes to a fee for my services, I give you a flat fee so you're not paying by the hour, you'll know exactly your project costs before we even start. I then hand you a master CD. Very reasonable rates.

If you're at all interested, pop me an
e-mail and we'll discuss your project.
I'll let you know what I charge and the process I use to get it done.
I guarantee you'll be happy with the finished product.

If you're looking to make a nice recording that sounds good and you're not interested in becoming the 'next one',
I could be your guy.

Also, if you have a recording on the go anywhere in the world and need some back-up fiddle on your recording, you can send me, over the internet, a 2-channel mix of what you have & I can add some fiddle tracks to your recording and send them back to you.
I do this type of stuff often and it works pretty darn slick. I use hightail (formerly yousendit) to transfer huge files.